How to find an apartment in Berlin?

2 Oct

apartment in berlinOver the past few years it has been commonly know that it is relatively easy (and cheap) to find an apartment in Berlin.  As evidenced by some recent arrivals to the city, the search for a good apartment is getting a little tougher.  There are many things to consider when looking for an apartment in Berlin the main one being location.  Of course it is harder to find a place in popular areas like the neighborhoods of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and parts of Friedrichshain. But it is still possible for you to find a flat for a decent price you just need a little patience and plenty of documentation.

First things first. To rent an apartment for yourself or your entire family at an “official” apartment management company a proof of income is necessary. Usually they require your income stubs for the last three months plus a letter stating that you don’t owe anything to your former landlord. Of course there are always exeptions to the rule and some smaller management companies might handle things differently.

Renting a place form a private person is a different story and documentation requirements depend on how much proof they want as a guarantee. Another option is to sublet an entire apartment from a person who trusts you will pay the rent on time. Finally, there is always the option of renting a room in an apartment and live in a “roommate situation”.

Here is a list of websites separated into groups that will help you to find an apartment from a period longer than 3 months.

I’m a student / researcher and look for a place to live:

I am an individual or a family with proof of income and looking for a place of our own:

Most of these websites refer you to apartment management companies that are less likely to charge you a finders fee (most are in in German though).

Furnished apartments can be found on the following websites.

Initially trying to find an apartment might seen like a daunting task.  But always remember, you are not the first person coming to the city of Berlin trying to find a place to stay.  People are constantly on the move and it is always a matter of  timing and luck.  Good luck on your apartment or room hunt!


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